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John Deere
2653A, John Deere Reel Mower


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Used John Deere 2653A Reel Mower with 84" cut and 801 hours available at our Bobcat of Johnstown location. Unit has just been serviced and is ready to go.

Some minor scratches, missing paint and rust spots - but otherwise a solid running machine.

SN: CH3008D003495
Model: 3008D002
VIN: M02653D070980
Hours of Use: 801

Engine Specifications
Make Yanmar 3TNE68A
Engine Model Number 3008D002
Horsepower 13.4 kW (18.0 hp)
Cylinders 3
Displacement 47.8 cu in.
Bore 2.68 in.
Stroke 2.83 in.
Valve Clearance 0.008 in.

Lubrication Pressurized
Oil Filter Full Flow Filter
Air Cleaner 4 in. Radial seal, dual stage, restriction indicator
Cooling Liquid
Fuel System
Fuel Diesel
Electrical System
Type 12 Volt ignition glow plug via rocker switch
Battery Size 480 Cold Cranking Amps

Fluid Capacities
Fuel Tank 7.4 gal
Hydraulic Reservoir 5.5 qt
Cooling system 4.2 qt
Engine Oil (with filter) 3.1 qt

Wheel Motor and Reel Drive
Drive Wheels Front, with standard third (rear) wheel drive
Traction Drive Hydrostatic, 2-pedal
Pump Gear
Reel Control Valves Electro-hydraulic
Filtration 10 microns & 100 mesh strainer
Cutting Unit Lift Hydraulic cylinder for front two units and hydraulic cylinder for center unit
Travel Speeds
Mowing 0 - 5 mph
Transport 0 - 8 mph
Reverse 0 - 5 mph
Cutting Units
Number 3
Backlapping Standard on machine, variable speed adjustment
Reel Diameter 7 in.
Bed Knife Adjustment 0.05 mm (0.002 in.)
Steering and Brakes
Brake Type Dual 8-inch disk
Steering Hydraulic Power
Wheelbase 55 in.
Tread Width 52 in.
Mowing position width with 30-inch reels (84 in.)
Turning radius uncut circle with 30-inch reels (16 in.)
Weight (full fluids, no operator with cutting units) 1740 lb

Front - 22 psi maximum
Rear - 12 psi maximum

Recommended Lubricants
Engine Oil John Deere PLUS-50®
Engine Coolant Ethylene Glycol Base

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