Scag SVR61V-26CV-EFI, Scag V-Ride, Stand On - Zero Turn Mower


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Bobcat Johnstown
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SVR61V-26CV-EFI, Scag V-Ride, Stand On - Zero Turn Mower


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Used Scag V-Ride - Stand On - 61" Mower Deck Zero-Turn with only 261 hours of use is available at our Bobcat of Johnstown location at 826 Tire Hill Road. The unit is only one year old - in great shape - just serviced and ready to go.

Model: SVR61V-26CV-EFI
SN: J8000512
Hours of Use: 261
Mower Deck Size: 61"
Type: Stand On

Do you love zero turns but just don’t have the room for one? The Scag V-Ride with 61” Velocity Plus Cutting Deck is your answer. Combine the power of a full sized zero turn with the compact design of a walk behind mower. Save space without having to sacrifice power. Easily glide through lawns at 11 MPH to get grass cut quicker. An 8 gallon fuel tank means less fill ups and more time to mow. Features such as a padded operator cushion and large diameter, padded steering controls are designed with you in mind and to help prevent fatigue during long days of work.

Kohler EFI Engine:
26 HP Kohler EFI Engine gives you plenty of power to mow all day.
Spacious Operator Platform:
Thanks to the coil suspension this platform helps reduce operator fatigue by providing a comfortable ride, plus an extruded star pattern gives you no slip footing to keep you in place while you mow.
Velocity Plus Cutting Deck:
61" 3 blade cutting deck to help you get your job done quicker.

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