Rentals are only at the Bobcat of Johnstown location in Tire Hill.






Walk Behind Track Loader






Post Hole Drill with Auger Bit






Stump Grinder$100$150$350$1,050

Skid Steer with Bucket


Track Loader with Bucket



Bucket Only$50$75$175$525

Pallet Forks$50$75$175$525

Auger Bit Only 6", 9", 12", 18", 24" or 36"


Post Hole Drill with Auger Bit$100$150$350$1,050

Pick Up Sweeper$150$225$525$1,575

Angle Broom$150$225$525$1,575

Rock Collector$150$225$525$1,575


Soil Conditioner Power Rake$150$225$525$1,575

Hydraulic Hammer$150$225$525$1,575

Drop Hammer$150$225$525$1,575

Brush Mower$150$225$525



Mini Excavator



Post Hole Drill with Auger Bit$100$150$350$1,050

Hydraulic Hammer$150$225$525$1,575

Plate Compactor$150$225$525$1,575

Mahindra Tractor Max 28
Mahindra 3616


General Information

Deposit - $60 on equipment or attachments

  • Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE if rental is cancelled.
  • We require a valid Drivers License to rent equipment.
  • Deposits of cash, check or credit card to reserve equipment.
  • Rentals are to be paid in advance.

Rate Periods

        1. Daily rental is a 24 hour period. *
        2. Weekly rental is a 7 day period.
        3. Monthly rental is a 30 period.

* 1 Day Minimum Rental Charge

Additional charges are applied in 1 day
increments for any time kept over the specified period.

- You are responsible for insurance on unit while in your possession.
- Contractors must supply certificate of insurance.
- You are responsible for repairs due to unusual wear or misuse.
- 6% Sales Tax is added unless you provide a tax exempt number.
- You are responsible for regular maintenance on weekly & monthly rentals.
- Rental rate DO NOT include pickup and delivery.
- Pickup and delivery starts from $85 and up.
- Rentals are subject to availability.
- Prices and Terms subject to change without notice.